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Please contact the office if you have any enquiries. 

The office is open 3 mornings each week : Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 9.00am and 2.00pm.


For an emergency,  contact Fr Mark on 065 842 0497


4th Sunday of Advent Saturday 23rd December
Mass 5.00pm St Ignatius
Sunday 24th December
Mass 9.00am St Bernard’s
Mass 10.30am St Ignatius
No evening Mass

Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December
Carols 6.00pm St Bernard’s
Mass 6.30pm St Bernard’s
Carols 9.30pm St Ignatius
Mass 10.00pm St Ignatius

Christmas Day Monday 25th December
Mass 9.00am St Bernard’s
Mass 10.30am St Ignatius
No evening Mass

Week day Mass
Tuesday 26th December 9.00am St Bernard’s
Wednesday 27th December 9.00am St Ignatius
Thursday 28th December 9.00am St Ignatius
Friday 29th December 9.00am St Bernard’s

Monday 1st January 9.00am St Ignatius (Mother of God)
Tuesday 2nd January 9.00am St Bernard’s
Wednesday 3rd January 9.00am St Ignatius
Thursday 4th January 9.00am St Ignatius
Friday 5th January 9.00am St Bernard’s
Monday 8th January 9.00am St Bernard’s (Baptism of our Lord)


Catechism classes at St Bernard’s (Faith levels 1- 7) every Tuesday evening at 5.30pm

Catechism Classes at St Ignatius (Faith Levels 1-7) are every Sunday mornings at 9.15am in the hall (behind the church) 

Confirmation class:  Every Sunday evening at 5.00pm at St Bernard’s, Newlands

Every third Sunday of the month, the 6.00pm Mass is dedicated to the Youth. Calling all the youth in the parish to come and make this Mass theirs. Proclaim, take up the collection, bring the offertory gifts to the altar, sing in the choir, bring your musical instruments.

The website HOME and NEWS pages are updated weekly. 

Parish YouTube Link    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Aa7yt2jE3qHkPQVXgNe6w

With the lifting of the dispensation, the Sunday Mass is no longer recorded. 

  • Mass is open to public with no restrictions to numbers. There is no need to book.
  • We ask that you please respect those who wish wear face masks, not shake hands or social distance.

Mass at St Ignatius, Claremont :

Saturday evenings at 5.00pm,
Sunday mornings at 10.30am
Wednesday mornings at 9.00am
Thursday mornings at 9.00am


Mass at St Bernard’s, Newlands :

Sunday mornings at 9.00am & Sunday evenings at 6.00pm,
Tuesday mornings at 9.00am,
Friday mornings at 9.00am

MASS INTENTIONS for St Bernard’s & St Ignatius

Please note that in order to accommodate any special dates, your Mass Intention needs to be submitted before the last week of the previous month, i.e. last week of December to be placed in January. 



for the month of DECEMBER 2023

1          F     Manuel Araujo Intention

2          S     Pothier Mortuary List

3          S     Liz Rosslind RIP/ Pro Populo

4          M     No Mass

5          T      Caleb Stellenboom RIP

6          W     Tony Da Costa Intention

7          T      Mortuary List

8          F      Mortuary List

9          S     Mortuary List

10        S     Special Intention/ Pro Populo

11        M     No Mass

12        T      Warren Freese Intention

13        W     Mortuary List

14        T      Mortuary List

15        F      Raymond, Lily Pothier & Jeannine Rowe RIP

16        S     Read RIP

17        S     Edwin Rosslind RIP/ Pro Populo

18        M     No Mass

19        T      Manuel Araujo Intention

20        W     Mortuary List

21        T      Mortuary List

22        F      David Pothier RIP

23        S     Mortuary List

24        S     Caleb Stellenboom RIP/ Pro Populo

25        M     Fr Mark’s Intentions

26        T      Read RIP

27        W     Mortuary List

28        T      Mortuary List

29        F      Bernard Pothier RIP

30        S     Mortuary List

31        S     Pro Populo/ Thanksgiving

for the month of JANUARY 2024

1          Mon Fr Mark’s & Parishioners Intentions

2          Tue  Sandra Fawcett RIP

3          Wed Liz Rosslind RIP

4          Thu Mortuary List

5          Fri   Manuel Araujo Intention

6          Sat  Pothier Mortuary List

7          Sun Mortuary List/Pro Populo

8          Mon Thanksgiving

9          Tue  Read RIP

10        Wed Mortuary List

11        Thu Mortuary List

12        Fri   Special Intention

13        Sat  Henry & Evelena Sciocatti RIP

14        Sun Pro Populo/ Special Intention

15        Mon No Mass

16        Tue  Mortuary List

17        Wed Edwin Rosslind RIP

18        Thu Mortuary List

19        Fri   Raymond, Lily Pothier & Jeannine Rowe RIP

20        Sat  Special Intention

21        Sun Pro Populo/ Special Intention

22        Mon No Mass

23        Tue  Mortuary List

24        Wed Caleb Stellenboom RIP

25        Thu Mortuary List

26        Fri   Special Intention

27        Sat  Robert, Megan & Jayden Pothier Intention

28        Sun Pro Populo/ Lydia & Jean Pothier RIP

29        Mon No Mass

30        Tue  Mortuary List

31        Wed Mortuary List

†  †  †

We remember in our prayers those who have gone before us:

St Ignatius:

18 March 2020 – Marjorie Van Rensburg
13 June 2020 – Yvonne Beckam

13 November 2020 – Edmund Peter Nasson

12 January 2021 – Christopher Shelmerdine
25 March 2021 – Colin Burgess
13 October 2021 – Michael Pienaar

7 January 2022 – Dominic Sydney Delcarme

St Bernard:

4 March 2020 – Henry Hugo
5 May 2020 – Stephanie Poezyn
May 2020 – Maurizio Allugrecia
19 June 2020 – Cecil Bradley
20 July 2020 – Paul Dobson
8 August 2020 – Jacqueline Petersen
9 August 2020 – John Kellett
21 November 2020 – Patrick Moore

15 February 2021 – Sandra Nel
18 February 2021 – Theresa Naidoo
2 March 2021 – Eve Griesson
13 May 2021 – Brian Louw
24 July 2021 – Antoinette Esterhuizen
28 July 2021 – John O’Hagan
8 August 2021 – Antonio Marchesini
6 September 2021 – Brian Joyce
16 September 2021 – Yvonne Visser
18 October 2021 – Luigi (Gino) Tarantello
24 December 2021 – Shirley Avice Jacobs

1 July 2022 – Noeleen Downie
18 July 2022 – Dina Alma Brindle

21 August 2022 – Sarel Jacob van Aardt

†  †  †