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Palm Sunday Year C – 10 April 2022
Dear brothers and sisters,
Today, we celebrate Palm Sunday. This marks the beginning of Holy Week. This week is an opportunity to reflect on the outpouring of love from Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Gospel reading, during the time we bless the palms, is about the entering of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem. This was where the great temple of the Jewish faith was situated. Many people from Galilee and Judea would come on pilgrimage to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, which for the people of Israel celebrated the day that God liberated them from slavery in Egypt. Jesus, being a person who followed the Jewish faith, along with his disciples, would have also come to celebrate. While there in Jerusalem he was to pay the ultimate price for the redemption of our souls.
The Passion Reading today was from the Gospel of St Luke. When we read the passion stories, we might be tempted to think that because he was the Son of god, Jesus did not really suffer. In this Gospel, Luke emphasises that Jesus passion and suffering was very real. Luke is the only evangelist that tells us that Jesus, in his agony in the garden, sweets drops of blood. This is experienced by people who are under a tremendous amount of agony. Jesus was prepared to suffer this agony and suffering because of his love for us. This love for us is given despite the fact that Jesus suffered a lot of rejection. There was rejection from the Pharisees, Judas his apostle, Peter denying him and the fact that the other disciples deserted him. At the end of the Passion reading, we read that the women who had followed him stood at a distance out of fear. Love like this is difficult to follow yet Our Lord was prepared to do it because it was the will of his Father and he knew that it was necessary for him to suffer and die on the cross because in this way he would have victory over death which had come into the world due to sin by his resurrection.
When we look at our lives, the question that we might want to ask is when I suffer what is my attitude? Do I descend into a state of self-piety? Do I complain about my lot? Do I even say that God does not love me? When we look at the suffering of Christ, we can follow his example and rather offer it up for a person that we love, or we can ask our Lord to help us carry that cross. Our suffering can become for us a form of prayer and through that bring good into the world. We must always keep in mind that Our Lord does not give us a cross that is too heavy to bear. If we do at times, feel overwhelmed by the cross we can call on the Lord and he will help us carry that cross.
Therefore, in this Holy Week, let us make an effort to carry our crosses and try and defend our faith and stand by our belief that Jesus Christ is Lord and we are proud to be his disciples, because we must remember even if we fail Christ at times he never fails us when we ask him for forgiveness. He will always stand by us every time.
God bless
Fr Mark

MASS INTENTIONS for St Bernard’s & St Ignatius

Mass is open to public, but with restricted numbers. Our parish, according to the restrictions and protocols of the government and our Archdiocese, is limited to 100 attendees. There is no need to book for Mass but please come early to be seated at the weekend Mass to avoid disappointment. Names are taken on entry to facilitate the counting of heads, as required.

Mass at St Ignatius is on Saturday evenings at 5.00pm, Sunday mornings at 10.30am and Wednesday mornings at 9.00am

Mass at St Bernard’s is on Sunday mornings at 9.00am & Sunday evenings at 6.00pm, Tuesday mornings at 9.00am, Thursday evenings at 5.00pm and Friday mornings at 9.00am



for the month of MAY 2022

1 Sun Jim & Margaret Gallagher RIP/ Pro Populo
2 Mon No Mass
3 Tue Elizabeth Rosslind RIP/
4 Wed Mortuary List
5 Thu Chris Bijl Intention
6 Fri Manuel Araujo Intention/ Walter Family Mortuary List
7 Sat Pothier Mortuary List
8 Sun Mario Bui RIP/ Pro Populo
9 Mon No Mass
10 Tue Cristina Farinha RIP
11 Wed Mortuary List
12 Thu Mortuary List
13 Fri Mortuary List
14 Sat Henry Hugo RIP
15 Sun Henry & Elevilena Sciocatti RIP/ Pro Populo
16 Mon No Mass
17 Tue Edwin Rosslind RIP
18 Wed Mortuary List
19 Thu Mortuary List
20 Fri Mike Sedgewick RIP
21 Sat Bernard Pothier RIP
22 Sun Mortuary List/ Pro Populo
23 Mon No Mass
24 Tue Caleb Stellenboom RIP
25 Wed Lily & Raymond Pothier RIP
26 Thu Mortuary List
27 Fri Mortuary List
28 Sat Don Giovanni RIP
29 Sun Thanksgiving for protection during Covid/ Pro Populo
30 Mon No Mass
31 Tue Edwardo De Sousa RIP


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We remember in our prayers those who have gone before us:

St Ignatius:

18 March 2020 – Marjorie Van Rensburg
13 June 2020 – Yvonne Beckam

13 November 2020 – Edmund Peter Nasson

12 January 2021 – Christopher Shelmerdine
25 March 2021 – Colin Burgess
13 October 2021 – Michael Pienaar

St Bernard:

4 March 2020 – Henry Hugo
5 May 2020 – Stephanie Poezyn
May 2020 – Maurizio Allugrecia
19 June 2020 – Cecil Bradley
20 July 2020 – Paul Dobson
8 August 2020 – Jacqueline Petersen
9 August 2020 – John Kellett
21 November 2020 – Patrick Moore

15 February 2021 – Sandra Nel
18 February 2021 – Theresa Naidoo
2 March 2021 – Eve Griesson
13 May 2021 – Brian Louw
24 July 2021 – Antoinette Esterhuizen
28 July 2021 – John O’Hagan
8 August 2021 – Antonio Marchesini
6 September 2021 – Brian Joyce
16 September 2021 – Yvonne Visser
18 October 2021 – Luigi (Gino) Tarantello

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