WEDDING REQUIREMENTS (this is a generic list, and not all of these points may apply)

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Permission must be gained from your own parish priest if you are planning marriage in another parish

The date of marriage (marriages are strongly discouraged during the Season of Lent) must be fixed

The time and place of marriage must be fixed

A marriage preparation course is obligatory.


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Baptism certificates (for those who are baptized), available from the church in which the baptism took place

Certified copies of ID documents of the bride, groom and the two witnesses (passports for non-SA citizens)

Three colour passport photographs each of the bride and the groom

If widowed, a certified copy of the Death Certificate

If a previous marriage was annulled, a certified copy of the Decree of Nullity

If divorced, a copy of the Final Decree

If a member of or living in another parish, a Freedom to Marry document from the parish priest in that parish, as well as a letter from him giving permission for the wedding by another priest

If not a South African, a No Impediment document from your consulate or embassy

If under age, a Consent to Marriage of a Minor form (available from the parish priest)

If not a South African, or a South African without an ID document, a Declaration for the purpose of a marriage form (available from the parish priest)

If already married civilly, a copy of the Marriage Certificate

A copy of the Ante-Nuptial Contract, if there is one


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Decide whether you want a nuptial Mass (about one hour) or wedding ceremony (about thirty minutes)

The basic structure of a wedding ceremony (without Mass) is as follows:


1. Entry of the bride (with music)

2. Welcome and opening prayer

3. Scripture readings and sermon

4. Exchange of vows and rings

5. Lighting of Nuptial Candle (optional)

6. Nuptial blessing

7. Signing of the registry

8. Exit procession of bride and groom (with music)


Within Mass, the Exchange of vows and rings, Lighting of Nuptial Candle (optional), Nuptial blessing and Signing of the registry all take place during the Mass

Music must be organized through or with Richard McMahon (082 364 2972,

Readings from Scripture may be chosen by the couple: alternatively, they could ask the priest to select readings

Flowers – the couple is responsible for this

Nuptial Candle (optional) – the couple is responsible for this

The bride needs to decide which surname she wants in the population register (maiden or married)


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Ante-Nuptial contract – the couple is responsible for this

Costs – a donation, left to the discretion of the couple, is made. This should be done before the wedding. The couple is responsible for timely payment of the organist and/or musician(s)