A number of musicians and groups lead our Sunday worship. At St Ignatius, an organist assists us on a Saturday night and on a Sunday morning, when the parish choir leads the singing. Occasionally, the Sunday morning Mass is accompanied by a Zimbabwean choir, which leads the singing. At St Bernard’s, an organist and choir lead us in morning worship, while a group of guitarists and singers lead the Sunday evening service. There are plenty of opportunities for those who enjoy singing to join any of the three existing choirs, and for those who play any sort of musical interest to join in on a Sunday morning or evening. For weddings and funerals, the St Bernard’s parish provides professional sound and music – see the link to SoundOut. (www.soundout.co.za). For St Ignatius, contact Alison Dunn (0836606539 or alidun@sfc.wcape.school.za). For St Bernard’s morning, contact Richard McMahon (0823642972 or www.soundout.co.za) and for Sunday evening, Ian Peddie (0718959593 or 4peds@wol.co.za).